" " (Titel)_01, 2017

studio for non-linear thinking

Art on Architecture Order on the palliative ward of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Kiel

After the interviews with staff of the station, we decided to take a step back first. Our research started with a view of Schleswig-Holstein and its landscape. The conversations often dealt with the topics of home, landscape, nature and identification. Our research trip started with agriculture, and finally led us through ant colonies and a soil cross section to geese or rather to the graphics that gave their flight routes. This seemed to be an exciting aesthetic association with landscape, without depicting landscape. Based on this, we conducted further research on geese, their mythology and symbolism. So geese are seen as a connection between heaven and earth or the goose is often referred to as a mother animal. In Schleswig-Holstein geese are each a present image. However, the flying animals are just passing through here. Only a few geese breed in this state. With the image of the "transit" we were thus content again on several levels back to the palliative care.

Chili Seitz and Ute Diez are the two women behind the studio for non-linear thinking.
As artists, we work with public art, semi-public spaces and architecture. We intervene, connect and clarify. The office for nonlinear thinking offers artistic action strategies as a service and possibility spaces as a commodity. In 2013, we founded the studio to accept a wide variety of assignments and to realize projects in this formation.

Hallway of the UKSH Paliative Station

Lines and letter-drawing

Variety of different geese

Resting places of geese in Schleswig-Holstein

parts of the resting areas of the geese in the patient rooms

Breeding grounds of geese in Schleswig-Holstein in the reception area